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2021 Signatures of Loudoun Award Winners

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2021 Signatures of Loudoun Boards-3
2021 Signatures of Loudoun Design Awards. Pictures of buildings and public spaces in Loudoun County.

2021 Signatures of Loudoun Design Excellence Awards

The Loudoun County Design Cabinet, a volunteer group of architects, engineers, planners, and designers dedicated to supporting quality design in Loudoun County, presented the 2021 “Signatures of Loudoun” design awards in a ceremony on June 29.

The Signatures program, now in its 17th year, recognizes businesses and community organizations that choose superior design standards in building, renovating, or expanding a project. Each year, the community is invited to submit nominations in eight categories, which are voted on by the cabinet.

  • Details: Excellence or whimsy demonstrated in the form of minutiae or finishing touches, which visually delight or offer a sense of continuity with Loudoun’s history. 
  • Familiar: the exceptional attention given to surrounding buildings, places and details during the project design. A highly “contextual” design solution in which the newly “adopted child” looks as if it had always been a visually harmonious member of the larger family of forms, textures and colors which can be found in the neighborhood.
  • Infrastructure: including facilities, utilities, roadways, bridges, streetscape, parkways and trails.
  • Interiors: an interior space, including residential, commercial, retail and public-sector structures.
  • Legends: projects or places that have stood the “test of time” over 25 years or more -- icons of our collective memory that make Loudoun County unique.
  • Makeovers: historic renovation and/or adaptive reuse projects that mirror Loudoun’s reputation as a place of rich contrasts and preserve a piece of its unique history.
  • Public Spaces: public greens, plazas and squares that have become a favorite gathering place.
  • Pace Setters: Recent, visually groundbreaking projects that mark the current state of affairs and potentially set the pace for the future. Pace Setters may well be the Legends of a quarter century from now.

This year’s awardees are:

  • Pace Setters Award:
    • Ashburn Station, Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office (F. Thomas Lee, AIA, Samaha Associates, P.C.; and Kiran Parikh, design manager, Loudoun County Department of Transportation and Capital Infrastructure)
    • Loudoun School for Advanced Studies (Reader & Swartz Architects, P.C; Deep Sran, Ph.D., Loudoun School for the Gifted; Painter-Lewis, PLC; Hammerhead Construction; Simpson Gumpertz & Heger; and Comfort Design)
  • Interiors Award:
    • Echelon Wine Bar, Leesburg (Dieter R. Meyer, AIA, W.A. Brown & Associates, PC, principal architect; Aimee and Todd Henkle, Echelon Wine Bar; Cloverdale, LLC, owner; Peter Mullally, Mullally Construction; Kasey O’Bruba, architectural project manager)
  • Makeovers Award:
    • King and Loudoun, Leesburg (Dieter R. Meyer, AIA, W.A. Brown & Associates, PC, principal architect; Lynne Guy, architectural project manager; Bill Cammack, Cloverdale LLC, owner; Peter Mullally, Mullally Construction; and David Logan, Vintage Building)
    • Walker Farm Tenant House (Robert and Marsha Thompson, owners; Drew Lauten, Lauten Construction: John Burroughs, New Leaf Collaborative)
  • Details Award:
    • Leesburg LOVEwork Sculpture (Leesburg Commission on Public Art; Friends of Leesburg Public Arts; and Michael Clay, Artist))
    • Heronview (Windy Hill Foundation, Bob Dale, Director; Hollis Fitch, Flat Iron Partners; Anderea Gonzalez; Flat Iron Partners, Interior Design; BSB Design (formerly Polleo Group), architect)
  • Familiar Details Award:
    • Stanley Caulkins Statue, Leesburg (Leesburg Commission on Public Art, Friends of Leesburg Public Arts; Jeffery Hall, artist; and Dianne Canney)
  • Vision in Design Award:
    • Larry Rosenstrauch, Former Director, Loudoun County Department of Economic Development.

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