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1. How can I review my property information?
2. When will I get my 2015 assessment notice in the mail?
3. Is the assessment notice a bill?
4. What will I have to pay in 2015?
5. Why does my assessment notice look different?
6. What else has changed on the assessment notice?
7. I am in land use, what changed this year?
8. I do not agree with my assessment, what can I do?
9. How do I change the mailing address on my real property?
10. What taxes will I have to pay?
11. When do I get my real estate tax bill and when are taxes due?
12. How can I find out if my mortgage company committed to paying my taxes?
13. When will taxes be due if I am appealing?
14. When is the tax rate set?
15. Will the county board be able to always keep the average residential tax bill flat?
16. I just received a real estate assessment notice – what is this?
17. I did not receive my real estate assessment notice – how do I update my mailing address?
18. I purchased my house after January 1st and I did not receive a real estate notice, why?
19. Why did I receive a real estate assessment notice for a property I no longer own? Also: I just bought my house and didn’t receive a real estate assessment notice.
20. What is the percentage change on my real estate assessment notice, and why isn’t 2015 shown?
21. How do I know if my parcel falls inside an incorporated town or special tax district?
22. Can I view my property online?
23. How do I set an appointment with my appraiser or request an inspection?
24. How do I request “all assessment records pertaining to the assessing officer’s determination of fair market value” e.g. working papers?
25. What is annual reassessment?
26. What is the effective date of my assessment?
27. What is fair market value?
28. What sales were used to determine my assessed value?
29. How can a property be assessed for more than its recent purchase price?
30. Why did my assessment change?
31. Why did my structure value go up? I didn't make any changes to my house.
32. Why did my house go up at a higher rate than my neighbor’s house?
33. Why did my assessed value change more than reported in sources like Zillow, etc?
34. Why did my assessment go up more than the percent change advertised in the local newspapers for my market area and property type?
35. What does land value represent and why did it change?
36. Why do property values have separate land and building values and why did they change? I own a condo; why do I have a land value?
37. Is there a law that prevents assessments from changing more than a certain amount from year to year?
38. Why did my Land Use Assessment increase?
39. How do I appeal the current year assessment?
40. What are acceptable reasons for appeal?
41. What if the review confirms my assessment and I still do not agree?
42. What if I’m still not satisfied after the BOE hears my appeal?