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Alert Loudoun

Emergency information, news releases, traffic information, weather alerts, election information and more.

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Alert Loudoun is the notification system Loudoun County uses to send citizens emergency information, news releases, traffic information, weather alerts, and more.

The system will send you information you need wherever you are. For example, subscribers may register to receive weather alerts that affect not only their home address, but also their work location, their children's day care provider, their children's school, or their parents' home.

Alert Loudoun also gives subscribers the ability to customize how they receive information - by text, email, and / or mobile app. The new system will first send a message to what you designate as your primary means of notification. If it doesn't reach you that way, it will try another method.

Enhanced Weather Alerts in Alert Loudoun 

Alert Loudoun provides subscribers with the opportunity to receive weather alerts that could impact a geographic area associated with the addresses used when registering an account. By providing physical addresses with your account, you can customize and receive weather alerts targeted for those addresses. 

The weather alerts now include a link to a webpage that displays more detailed information about the weather alert, including a list of the affected areas, a description of the weather event, protective actions, expected time frame and a map of the affected area. 

In order for the Alert Loudoun system to implement the new weather alert technology, the addresses associated with the weather alerts will be limited to those within a specific geographic area. This will include Loudoun and the area within a 75-mile radius from the center of the National Capital Region (PDF)

You can receive weather alerts through your email, by text to your cell phone or the Alert Loudoun/Everbridge app. Only tornado warnings are delivered through a phone call.

You Can Control the Time of Your Weather Alerts

Weather alerts can be sent at any time as weather events occur, but as a subscriber to Alert Loudoun, you may wish to establish a Quiet Time. With the exception of tornado warnings, no weather alerts will be delivered to any device during the Quiet Time hours you designate. This feature can be enabled when you select weather alerts under the "My Alerts" section of your Alert Loudoun profile. 

Traffic Alerts

One of the most popular categories of Alert Loudoun is "Loudoun Traffic and Road Closures." Stay on top of what's happening on Loudoun roads by signing up for traffic alerts.

Community Emergency Voice Notifications

Loudoun County residents can register their cell phones in the county's community emergency voice notification database, which facilitates communication with groups of people in a defined geographic area. If you are interested in registering your wireless device with us, you may sign up through Alert Loudoun.

Notification Categories

  • Emergency Voice Notifications

  • Sheriff's Office

    • Business Watch
    • General News Releases
    • Missing Person Alerts
    • Neighborhood Watch
    • Significant Events
    • Wanted Subjects
  • Alerts from Towns

  • General Announcements

    • Adult Sports
    • County Facility Closures/Status Changes
    • County News Releases
    • Elections Updates
    • Loudoun Water Alerts
    • Non-Emergency Public Health
    • Sports Announcements
    • Tax Notices
  • School Closings and Delays

  • Traffic and Transportation Alerts

  • Emergency Alerts

  • Weather Alerts