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Professional Level Résumé Writing Referral

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  2. Important Instructions!

    Please complete as much of this information as possible, going back 10 years. Use as much space as you need and be as thorough as you can in providing information. The more thorough you are, the better the outcome will be for your résumé. Please note that all of your information may not be used for your résumé. Please note, that any field with an * must be completed.

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  4. 3 PRIVATE SECTOR Target Job Titles and Links to sample jobs of interest
  5. This needs to be a web link directly to the position title listed.

  6. This needs to be a web link directly to the position title listed.

  7. This needs to be a web link directly to the position title listed.

  8. Please list the executive skills you consider to be your biggest strengths that have helped you to be successful in your career. Some examples below:
    Strategic Visioning
    Change Leadership/Change Management
    Organizational Redesign
    Operational Efficiency/Effectiveness
    Team Leadership/People Development
    Cross-functional Communication
    Financial Forecasting/Resource Allocation
    Project Leadership
    Workforce Planning
    Technology Strategy

  9. Please summarize the scope of responsibilities & duties of your last three (3) positions; highlighting your key accomplishments. (Do NOT write "See Resume")
  10. Please provide a general description of your position


    1. The number of people you managed, main responsibilities and budget information. 

    2. List at least FIVE major accomplishments, successful projects, new systems and/or processes you designed or implemented and list executive leadership skills associated with each.


    • Oversaw creation of promotional materials, tailored social media campaigns, and impactful digital marketing strategies, achieving a 20% increase in event attendance.
    • Led and managed product, content management, and integrated omni-channel B2B/B2C projects, showcasing over 10 years of project management and business analysis experience.
    • Implemented inbound marketing strategies on various social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Reddit, and Course Report.

     3. List areas where you FACILITATED or COORDINATED.

  11. Employment History

    Please list as many jobs below that covers the last 10 years, beginning with your most recent employment. If this information is already on your current résumé, you can skip this portion of the form.

  12. You must include your MOST recent employment
  13. JOB #1 (Your current/most recent job)
  14. Month & Year JOB #1 started and ended
  15. JOB #2 (The job you held before JOB #1)
  16. Month & Year JOB #2 started and ended
  17. JOB #3 (The Job you had before JOB #2)
  18. Month & Year JOB #3 started and ended
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