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Spotted Lanternfly in Loudoun County Report Form - 2023

  1. Please use this form to report findings of the spotted lanternfly in Loudoun County. Reporting findings of the spotted lanternfly will help researchers track the spread of the invasive insect in Loudoun. Please attach a photo or video to your form, which helps researchers verify reports more quickly.

    Leesburg Area - Do Not Report Here: Thanks to reporting, there is a known population of spotted lanternfly in the Leesburg area. You can report sightings to the Town of Leesburg. Help slow the spread by squashing the insect/eggs and managing your property.

    Note: If you are reporting a spotted lanternfly sighting outside of Loudoun County, please report it to your local Extension Office.

    To learn more about how to recognize the spotted lanternfly and what you can to do to help slow the spread of the invasive species on your property and throughout Loudoun County, visit

  2. Please include your name, email address, and phone number so researchers can contact you if needed.
  3. Are you a Loudoun County Government employee?*
  4. Are you reporting a sighting of the spotted lanternfly on county-owned property?
  5. Please provide the nearest street address or cross streets where you found spotted lanternfly or its eggs. 

  6. How many spotted lanternflies did you see?
  7. Please upload any photos you may have taken of the spotted lanternfly or its eggs.

    Note: Submitted photos and videos become public records.

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