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Residential Permit Parking District Application

  1. LGOV-Transportation_and_Capital_Infrastructure_Mark
  2. Residential Permit Parking District Application
  3. This person is the contact for the community and will receive correspondence from DTCI.
  4. Type of Application*
  5. Boundaries of District
  6. Approximate Number of Vehicles that will need a Permit By Type
  7. Hours of the Day when Non-Resident Vehicles Park in the Proposed District
  8. I understand that Loudoun County and the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) are under no obligation to establish parking restrictions that are not in concert with the Manuel on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, VDOT regulations or standards, Loudoun County policies and ordinances or that may pose a hazard to the public. I agree to provide any additional information and to provide coordination with the petitioning citizens and other within the proposed District as required by the County.
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