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  1. Office of Mapping & Geographic Information
    Standard Digital Data Order Form
  2. Countywide layers
    Address points, Airport Noise Contours(LDN), Agricultural Districts, Buildings, County boundary, Election District, Fences, Floodplains, Floodplains cross sections, Forest lines, Geodetic, Geology, Historic Districts, Limestone Overlay District, Map Sheets, Mountainside Development, Open Space Easements, Planned Land Use, Policy (JMLA), Post Offices, Precinct Boundaries, Property Lines, Quarry OD, Reservoir Protection, Road Casings, Roads Centerline, Roads-Major, Single Trees, Soils, Soil Points, Spot elevations, Steep Slopes, Streams and drains, Subdivisions, Telecommunications towers, Topography, Town boundaries, Trans. Plan roads, Water bodies, Watersheds - Major, Wetlands Model, Wells/Pollution source, Zip Codes, Zoning
  3. All countywide layers except for topography
  4. Countywide topography only
  5. Entire County with topography
  6. Amount
  7. Payment for orders is required at time of pickup or before shipment.
    Loudoun County Government
    Office of Mapping MS# 65
    1 Harrison St., S.E.
    P.O. Box 7000
    Leesburg, VA 20177
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