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COVID-19 Emergency Funding Application for Loudoun County Food Assistance Programs

  1. Instructions
    This program is designed to support Loudoun County food assistance programs with emergency funds due to increased demand for their services during the COVID-19 pandemic. To be eligible, an organization must be located in Loudoun County, be a 501(c)(3) or religious institution and provide food assistance on at least a bi-weekly basis to Loudoun residents.

    If your organization meets the criteria above, please complete this application for initial emergency funds. Once this application is processed, you will receive notification from county staff on its status. If approved, your organization will receive its initial payment within two to three weeks.

    Questions may be submitted by email or by calling 703-777-0539.
  2. Including City, State, Zip Code
  3. (Average number of weekly clients as of February 2020)
  4. (Average number of weekly clients from 3/12 – 4/15)
  5. Funding Requests*
    Please check the boxes and provide information for the categories for which you are seeking funding. County staff will use your pre-emergency data to determine the amount of increase from a typical operating basis to emergency operations based on population needs.

    For the purpose of this request, the County will prioritize food assistance costs over operating and supply expenses.
  6. (Average number of weekly clients as of February 2020)
  7. (Average number of weekly clients from 3/12 – 4/15)
  8. (Average number of weekly clients as of February 2020)
  9. (Average number of weekly clients from 3/12 – 4/15)
  10. (Average number of weekly clients as of February 2020)
  11. (Average number of weekly clients from 3/12 – 4/15)
  12. Include all costs listed in categories above (food, operating, supply)
  13. Additional details
    The county will calculate the food cost-per-client. If your current food cost per client is significantly higher than your previous, please use the space below to describe the circumstances why it is significantly higher (e.g., grocery store food donations have stopped, private donations are lower than average, etc).
  14. W-9 Information and Non-Profit Status Documentation
  15. By signing above, I attest that my organization's mission supports food assistance to individual and families, and has additional needs related to COVID-19 which are not available in our organization's current budget. Our organization follows the Agency Food Safety Guidelines and the Personnel Checklist for COVID-19 linked above. The organization also permits County staff overseeing these funds to conduct site visits as necessary.
  16. County Response
    The county will contact you within two business days of your request. Thank you!
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