Who can be excused from jury service?

Requests to be excused from jury service are granted only by a Judge.

Your request must be in writing and received within 5 business days of receipt of your summons. All correspondence must contain the juror’s identification number that appears below the barcode on the juror badge. You may mail or fax your request.


  • Your request must clearly and specifically describe the hardship that jury service may cause you. 
  • Failure to return the summons with the appropriate written request within the 5 day time limit may automatically qualify you for service.
  • Prospective jurors, who are not paid by their employer when on jury duty, will not be excused. You may, however, request a postponement to a later time.
  • Status as a student is not valid reason to excused. However, you may request to be postponed to a time during school breaks. 

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