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Franklin Park - Rotary Pavilion

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Rotary Pavilion
Rental Information

About the Pavilion
The Rotary Pavilion features:
  • Square Footage: 1,352
  • Capacity: 75 people
  • Picnic Tables: 10 regular tables
  • Electric Outlets: No
  • Lights: No
  • Water: No
  • Grills: Two double grills, portable gas grills available for additional fee
  • Restrooms: One portable restroom; indoor restroom
  • Trash: Two trash cans (please support our preservation efforts by limiting trash and securing all trash in receptacles)
  • Parking: Nearby lots
  • Nearby Amenities: Pool, tennis courts, in-line hockey, pedestrian/equestrian trail, volleyball courts, arts center


Rental Period


Full-Day (9:00 am to half-hour before site closes) $127
Half-Day (9:00 am to 2:00 pm or 3:00 pm to half-hour before site closes) $86