What information is on the assessment notice?
Real estate assessment notices have also been enhanced to provide property owners additional information regarding their real property. Notices will inform property owners the new and immediately prior assessed values of property, and the prior two years’ values, total tax levies, and the percentage year-over-year changes in total taxes levied. Agricultural or Forestal District, Historic District, Permanent Open Space Easement, Land Use Assessment, Tax Relief for the Elderly or Disabled deadline, or Affordable Dwelling Unit. Commercial property owners will also see the deadline for submitting their Income and Expense information to the Office of the Commissioner of the Revenue. Commercial property owners can expect to begin receiving income and expense forms in the mail in April or can obtain the necessary reporting form online.

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1. I just received a real estate assessment notice – what is this?
2. What information is on the assessment notice?
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4. Why did I receive a real estate assessment notice for a property I no longer own? Also, I just bought my house and didn’t receive a real estate assessment notice.
5. How do I know if my parcel falls inside an incorporated town or special tax district?
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