What happens during the 30-day waiting period?
Within the 30-day notification period, the application will be assigned a zoning permit number. A site visit will also be scheduled and conducted to verify the location, availability and adequacy of fencing, parking and outdoor play area.

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1. What does the term "non-resident children" mean?
2. What if I care for four or fewer children under the age of 13?
3. How long does it take to obtain a zoning permit for home child care, and how much does it cost?
4. What happens during the 30-day waiting period?
5. What happens if an objection is received during the 30-day waiting period?
6. If my zoning permit application is denied, can I appeal?
7. Does the zoning permit for a Child Care Home have to be renewed annually?
8. Do I need a new permit if I already have one?
9. Do I need any other permits or licenses for a Child Care Home?
10. What is the definition of a "play space?"