Will health care premiums be increased to cover ambulances fee?
No. insurance carriers and Medicare have already built ambulance fees into their premiums. They have already factored the ambulance reimbursement cost into their actuary tables for their plan enrollees.

The cost for ambulance reimbursement transport for many insurance companies is an extremely small percentage of their overall expenditures. The vast majority of expenditures that an insurance company experiences each year are for hospitalization and hospital procedures and operations.

Loudoun residents are paying insurance rates that assume there is a charge for EMS service, but the county is not actually receiving any funds.

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1. When will the billing for the EMS Transport Reimbursement Program begin?
2. Why does Loudoun County seek reimbursement for EMS services?
3. Will those who can least afford an ambulance bill bear the brunt of an EMS Reimbursement Program?
4. Will health care premiums be increased to cover ambulances fee?
5. Will citizens be reluctant to call for an ambulance if they know they will receive a bill?
6. What is the revenue sharing model for the new EMS reimbursement program?
7. Do other jurisdictions in Virginia participate in EMS transport reimbursement?
8. If 9-1-1 is called by me or on my behalf, and I refuse ambulance transport, will I be subject to reimbursement requirements?
9. What will Loudoun County do with the revenue from the EMS transport reimbursement program?
10. As a supervisor of a facility or of a group of people, am I or my organization responsible for any reimbursement if I call 9-1-1 for someone in my charge?
11. How did Loudoun County establish the fees for EMS transport reimbursement? Are the fees similar to surrounding jurisdictions?
12. Why is there an ordinance for the EMS transport reimbursement program?
13. I called 9-1-1 and was transported by ambulance to the hospital. I was then transported to another hospital by a private ambulance service. Will I be charged twice?