What are the benefits of owning land in a county historic district?

The goal of the architectural review process is to ensure that the historic, architectural, and/or rural characteristics that are unique to a designated area are protected, preserved, and enhanced for future generations. Property owners in Historic Districts may have some assurance that the historic homes or commercial structures surrounding them will not be significantly altered or demolished without careful consideration by the HDRC. Further, research regarding the economic benefits of historic preservation shows that properties located within a designated historic district maintain their value or increase in value because of the status and protection afforded them.

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1. What are the benefits of owning land in a county historic district?
2. What restrictions apply to property in a county-designated Historic District?
3. What types of projects require HDRC review?
4. How do I get my project approved?
5. Are there any projects in the districts that do not require HDRC review?
6. What about barns and fences?
7. Does Historic District designation restrict subdivision of my land?
8. My property is within a Town Historic District; do I need HDRC approval for my project?
9. My property is within a National Register District or a Virginia Landmarks Register District; is this the same as a County historic district?
10. Can I create a new historic district or add my property to a district?