What if I don't have insurance?
Prior to, or at the time of your first appointment, you will have a financial interview. During this interview, you and a member of LCSB's staff will work together to establish a payment plan within your ability to pay.

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1. Will there be a fee for the services I receive?
2. Will my insurance cover the services I receive?
3. What can be done if I have insurance but cannot afford to pay the co-payments and/or deductible each visit?
4. What if I don't have insurance?
5. When is my payment due?
6. The court ordered me to receive services. Will the court pay for my care?
7. What if I disagree with my bill or my financial situation changes and I can no longer afford to pay what I have agreed to?
8. If I have a crisis situation and have a walk-in appointment, will I be charged?
9. Will I be charged if I miss an appointment?