Will there be a fee for the services I receive?
Yes. While the Loudoun Community Services Board (LCSB) is an agency of local government, we are required by the Code of Virginia to charge fees. We make every effort to keep our fees affordable. Under no circumstances will we deny emergency services because of an individual's inability to pay.

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1. Will there be a fee for the services I receive?
2. Will my insurance cover the services I receive?
3. What can be done if I have insurance but cannot afford to pay the co-payments and/or deductible each visit?
4. What if I don't have insurance?
5. When is my payment due?
6. The court ordered me to receive services. Will the court pay for my care?
7. What if I disagree with my bill or my financial situation changes and I can no longer afford to pay what I have agreed to?
8. If I have a crisis situation and have a walk-in appointment, will I be charged?
9. Will I be charged if I miss an appointment?