My loved one has a medical need, can you help?

We are a social model adult day program. We do not have medical staff and do not provide nursing level care at our Adult Day Centers. Any participant who has a medical or nursing need as described in the Virginia Uniform Assessment Instrument (UAI) is someone whose health needs require medical or nursing supervision. This care is above the level which can be provided through assistance with Activities of Daily Living, Medication Administration, and the general supervision provided at the center. This may include (but is not limited to) injectable insulin, oxygen therapy, wound care, catheter care, ostomy care, and enteral feeding. Please contact the center for more specific information. If you require nursing level care, please seek advice from your physician.

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1. Where are you located?
2. What are your hours?
3. Are your Centers licensed?
4. Who uses adult day centers?
5. How often do participants attend?
6. Is transportation available?
7. What happens in inclement weather?
8. What do I do if my loved one is feeling sick?
9. How do I know your staff is qualified to care for my loved one?
10. My loved one needs assistance in the restroom, can you help?
11. My loved one needs medications during the day, can you help?
12. My loved one has a medical need, can you help?
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17. Can I attend if I am not a Loudoun County resident?
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