Does the Traffic Incident Listing website have a disclaimer?

Yes. The disclaimer reads as follows:

"This page contains raw data and unconfirmed information on incidents as they have been reported to the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office Emergency Communications Center. The possibility exists that an incident may have been reported or classified incorrectly. Because this incident information is derived from the 9-1-1 Computer Aided Dispatch system, the incident will remain on the page until the responding officer has been taken off the call. This may occur after the actual incident has been cleared from the roadway.

Listed locations should be considered approximate, not exact. The information on this page is intended as a general guide only to possible traffic related situations being investigated by the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office. Incidents located in the Town of Leesburg and investigated by Leesburg Police Department are not reflected in CAD."

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5. Does the Traffic Incident Listing website have a disclaimer?