What are common misconceptions about the Adult Detention Center?

Television / Cable for Inmates

The televisions are paid for out of an inmate account. The money used is from profits of goods sold through our commissary. The state law mandates that any proceeds from those sales must be used for benefits to the inmates. No taxpayer money is used to buy televisions or to provide cable service.

Cost to Feed Inmates 

We provide meals that are approved by a dietitian and give measured portions to the inmates. Our cost of feeding an inmate is approximately $3 per day.

Medical Services for Inmates

The law mandates that inmates in the care of a detention facility shall receive adequate health care for both emergency and chronic care. The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office has contracted medical care for the inmates twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. We do have a co-pay system charging a nominal fee for non-emergency visits.

Individuals at the Adult Detention Center

The facility houses individuals who are charged with committing crimes. Those crimes may range from multiple murders to public drunkenness. We house Federal, State, County and local municipalities’ inmates.

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