When do I need to obtain coverage from both the county and the state?

All VSMP permit applications for projects within Loudoun County must be submitted directly to the county. However, the application results in dual permit coverage from Loudoun County ("VSMP Permit") and the VA Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) ("Construction General Permit," or CGP) as follows. Once the county reviews the permit documents and determines that the permit is approvable, and once all local VSMP fees have been paid, staff will transmit the permit information to DEQ electronically, at which point, the applicant will receive instructions regarding payment of the state fee. Following payment of the state fee, DEQ will issue coverage to the applicant. This process must be completed prior to issuance of the grading permit.

Construction of a single-family detached residence that will disturb less than 5 acres (i.e., either a separately-built lot disturbing 1 to 5 acres, or a lot disturbing up to 5 acres within a Common Plan of Development) is a special case, in which coverage is tacitly granted by DEQ, without submittal of a Registration Statement or payment of a State fee, upon approval of the application by the county. In these cases, it is the responsibility of the applicant to print a copy of the "Single-Family Detached Residential Structure Coverage Letter" from DEQ to signify that CGP coverage has been obtained.

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