What is the definition of a Conservator?

A Conservator is an individual who has obtained legal authority to manage the estate and financial affairs of an Incapacitated Adult.

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1. What is the definition of an Incapacitated Adult?
2. What is the definition of a Conservator?
3. What is the definition of a Guardian?
4. What is the difference between a Guardian and a Conservator?
5. Can I be appointed as a Conservator even if I have not been appointed as the Incapacitated Adult’s Guardian or vice versa?
6. How do I obtain the legal authority to act as a Conservator or Guardian of an Incapacitated Adult?
7. What is the process to become appointed by the Judge as a Conservator and/or Guardian for an Incapacitated Adult?
8. Now that my Order of Appointment as Conservator and/or Guardian has been signed by the Judge, how do I formally qualify before the Clerk?
9. Is there a deadline to qualify before the Clerk?