Where is the jury assembly room located?

The jurors assemble in the Jury assembly room located on the fourth floor, room 2130, at 18 East Market Street, Leesburg, VA in the Courts Complex.  This address is only intended for directional purposes.

  • All pedestrians entering and exiting the garage must follow a pedestrian path that extends from the SE corner of the garage, Level 2, to North Street, NE. No pedestrian access will be available through the Pennington Lot Public Parking.
  • After you exit your car, please proceed on foot from the Pennington Garage.
  • Walk towards the Level 2 exit that will take you to a sidewalk with a sign, “to Courthouse".
  • Make a right on North Street (going west).
  • Make a left on Church Street (going south).
  • Make a right on Market Street (going Route 7 West).
  • Enter right at the Court Complex through the second arched gate.
  • Proceed to the only court entrance. It is directly across the street from the downtown historic Post Office.

If you have an issue with walking long distances, please contact our office at 703-777-0650 within 5 days of receiving your summons so accommodations can be made.

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