Dulles South Community Park


  • This project provides funding for a community park adjacent to Lightridge High School. The Park will include passive and active recreation. 
    • Passive areas may include playgrounds, picnic areas, trails, wooded areas, and streams. 
    • Active areas may include baseball/softball fields or large rectangle fields. The athletic fields will be built in a manner that maintains the western woods that are currently present on the property.
  • In addition, the park will include field lighting, fencing, site utilities, parking, and site access from the public road. 
  • It will also include landscaping, public restrooms, concessions, groundwater wells, irrigation, playground, storage, picnic pavilions, bleachers, and signage.
Dulles South Community Center

Current Phase: Design - 35%

Estimated Timeline

  • Summer 2022 - Winter 2026: Design
  • Spring 2026 - Summer 2026: Procurement and Award of Construction Contractor
  • Fall 2026 - Summer 2028: Construction
  • Summer 2028: Substantial Completion

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