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Aug 07

What to Expect from In-Person and Phone Services After LandMARC Launches

Posted on August 7, 2023 at 10:06 AM by Emily Watkins

When LandMARC launches on Monday, August 14, 2023, some permitting and land development services will be adjusted to assist with the transition to the new system.

In-Person Services

LandMARC will enable customers to self-serve through an online portal. Customers with LandMARC accounts can:

  • Submit applications and plans.
  • Track the status of applications and projects.
  • Request inspections and pre-meetings (including pre-application and pre-submission).

In addition, members of the public can search and access public records related to permits and plans without signing in.

Customers visiting the Government Center for in-person services will be prompted by county staff to register for an account before beginning their service transaction. 

Building and Development customers will be encouraged to use self-service computer stations to sign into their LandMARC account and submit applications online. County staff will be available to assist with the submission process. Scanners will be available for standard-sized documents to be digitized and attached to an application.

Customers of all departments using the new system (Building and Development, Planning and Zoning, and Environmental Health) must use LandMARC when paying invoices with a credit or debit card. Customers who do not have a LandMARC account but wish to pay with a credit or debit card will need the invoice number associated with the fees.  

All customers at the Government Center will continue to be expected to check in to the virtual line before going to the second floor.

For help getting started in LandMARC, customers will be able find help and how-to guides online at

Help Over the Phone

Help with LandMARC will be available over the phone by calling 703-777-0220 or 703-777-0246 and pressing 6.  Your call will be routed to a team of county staff who are prepared to assist LandMARC users with setting up accounts, submitting applications and documents, paying invoices, requesting inspections, and other technical assistance.

Changes in Service Transaction Times

As county staff and customers get used to the new system, service transactions and processing times may change. While the new system will provide many efficiencies for everyone, there will be a learning curve. As valued customers, your patience is appreciated as we work through this exciting service innovation.