Sep 11

Important Temporary Changes to Permitting Services

Posted on September 11, 2023 at 9:51 AM by Emily Watkins

Building and Development staff are working diligently to continue reviews on a record-high volume of applications and assist all customers over the phone, in person, by email, and through Loudoun Express Request (Lex). Please review the important information below about what to expect from permitting services during this time.

Delayed Processing Times

Staff are currently working through a backlog of record-high permit submissions received when the new LandMARC system launched. Applications are being processed as quickly as possible in the order received. Staff are currently processing applications that were submitted:

  • Via hard copy, e-permits, and Bluebeam prior to July 28 and 
  • Online via LandMARC, drop off or submitted at the counter the week of August 14 - August 18.

To see updates on the progress being made, please visit The alert on the page will be updated as progress is made. Over 1,000 permits were received in the first week of the new system launch, so normal processing time is extended.

We are temporarily unable to process “same day” permit applications for simple trade permits, finished basements or county decks per county detail within one business day, but will do our best to process those quickly.

These processing delays are temporary while permitting staff work through the backlog of applications received during and immediately after the limited-service period.

In-person Permitting Services Focused on LandMARC Self-Service Assistance

In-person services will be focused on assisting customers who are having difficulty submitting applications through the self-service portal or who are unable to access the internet. Permitting customers will be encouraged to use self-service computer stations to sign into their LandMARC account and submit applications online. County staff will be available to assist with the submission process. Scanners will be available for standard-sized documents to be digitized and attached to an application.

It is no longer standard practice for permit technicians to set up a permit for a customer based on a paper application. Customers can receive assistance with applying for permits through the self-service portal.

Customers who have already submitted their applications online and are seeking an update on the processing times will not receive priority or expedited service. Emergency situations will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis by the Permits Division Manager and approved by the Department Head.

All customers at the Government Center will continue to be expected to check in to the virtual line before going to the second floor. Wait times to be seen for in-person assistance are currently averaging over 60-90 minutes. Customers are encouraged to check wait times or make an appointment online at Customers may also get in line or make an appointment at the kiosk in the Government Center lobby near the information desk. Please note that due to these heavy workloads, same day appointments may not always be available.

Prioritization of Online Submissions

In order to work through the record-high numbers of applications received online, permitting staff will be focused on processing applications submitted online in the order that they were received, and by permit type.

Customers should not expect over-the-counter submissions to be prioritized except for extenuating circumstances, such as hazardous building conditions or occupancy needed for settlement which will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis by the Permits Division Manager and approved by the Department Head.

Help and How-To Resources

Customers will be referred to existing Help and How-To Guides to get started with submitting their applications. Customers who have thoroughly reviewed the resources and continue to have difficulty navigating the system are encouraged to make an appointment for self-service assistance, via

  • Register for a LandMARC account (PDF
  • Apply for a permit (PDF | Video)
  • Apply for a plan (PDF | Video)
  • Request an inspection (PDF | Video
  • Pay an invoice (PDF | Video
  • Create a template (PDF)
  • Advanced Video Training: Self-paced training video covering account creation, application submission, plan review, paying invoices, bonds, and more.

We recognize that this transition has been challenging for our customers, with a real-time impact on your businesses and customers. We appreciate your continued patience and look forward to serving each of you as quickly as we can. We anticipate a gradual recovery to normal processing times over the next several weeks as more customers increase use of the online system and reduce the need to manually process permit applications.

Aug 29

Important Updates: B&D Drop Box; Updated Instructions for Requesting an Inspection

Posted on August 29, 2023 at 2:03 PM by Emily Watkins

Loudoun continues to adapt our operations and services after the launch of LandMARC. Below are two important updates to address frequent questions over the last two weeks. 

1) Building and Development to Suspend Use of Drop Box on Friday, September 1. 

To better serve all customers, use of the Building and Development drop box in the Government Center lobby will be suspended at 5:00 p.m. on Friday, September 1, 2023

All applications, supporting documentation, and payments must be submitted:

  • Online in LandMARC or
  • In person at the second-floor customer service counter in the Government Center located at 1 Harrison St., SE, Leesburg, VA 20175.
    • Customers visiting Building and Development must check-in to the virtual line or have an appointment to be served. 
    • Customers are encouraged to check wait times or make an appointment online at Customers may also get in line or make an appointment at the kiosk in the Government Center lobby near the information desk. 

This change will streamline operations and reduce complications in the application process.

2) Updated Instructions on Requesting Inspections

Below you will find some key updates to the how-to guide for requesting inspections, including the following:

  • How to request an inspection if you do not see the permit in your work list
    • Building and Development staff are working diligently to update contacts on all permits, but until that effort is complete, please review the updated instructions to look up permits and request inspections.
  • Where to find the list of all inspections on a permit
    • Many inspection types are listed under an Optional Inspections heading. Please note that some inspection types listed under the Optional Inspections heading may be required by the Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code. You will be expected to request all inspections required by the building code.

View the updated how-to guide on requesting inspections (PDF)

Our staff are working diligently to continue reviews on a high volume of applications and assist all customers over the phone, in person, and by email. Wait times may be long as we adapt to the new system and assist customers with adapting as well. We appreciate your patience as we work through this change.

Aug 14

LandMARC is now live!

Posted on August 14, 2023 at 3:28 PM by Emily Watkins

LandMARC is now live! 

You can access the system by going to and clicking on the LandMARC logo. 

LandMARC accounts will be required to apply for a permit or plan, request inspections, or manage active projects. If you had active applications in the previous system, you are encouraged to create your account with the email address associated with those applications. That will make it easier to connect your applications to your account. 

Due to a high volume of activity in the system, you may notice delays while using the system. Please be patient and do not refresh multiple times. 

Help and How-To Guides

You are encouraged to view the help and how-to guides and videos below before getting started in the system. 

Electronic Plan Submission Guidelines

In preparation for the launch of LandMARC, the community development departments using the system collaborated to create consistent guidelines for submitting electronic plans.

Assistance Over the Phone and In Person

For assistance with LandMARC over the phone, call 703-777-0220 and press 6. Your call will be routed to a team of county staff who can assist with LandMARC related questions. 

In addition, there will be changes to in-person customer services. Find more information about what to expect from customer services.

More Information and Resources

In case you missed it, here are five additional things to know about LandMARC. will continue to serve as the hub for information about the system, including updates to help resources and information about system status (such as downtimes, outages, upgrades, etc.)