Youth & Family Support Services Program


Youth and Family Support Services assists Loudoun County families with youth between the ages of 11-17 experiencing challenging peer and family relationships and life crises. Youth and Family Support Services helps strengthen parental and family relationships through prevention, education, and supportive case management services. These services are offered within a strengths-based, trauma-informed and protective/promotive factors framework.

Educational & Supportive Group Services

Families and youth may participate in individual sessions or multi-family group sessions that use the evidence-based curriculum – Parenting Wisely. We work with families to understand the barriers and behaviors that may be impacting the family dynamic; share information on parenting styles and adolescent development; and teach coping strategies to help improve communication and create mutual respect. In addition, the curriculum can also assist families with developing family contracts and safety plans, as needed. 

Upcoming group sessions: 

Parenting Wisely is also offered in Spanish as a 10-week session. Contact us for information about upcoming sessions. View the Spanish flyer (PDF) 

Family Support & Coordination Services

Families and youth may also participate in short-term, family-focused intensive support meetings and case management. We will assess each family’s needs/concerns, initially and continuously, to ensure appropriate, adequate, and timely access to services across the system of care that reduce the challenging behavior and address any crises that arise. 

View the Parenting Wisely flyer (PDF).

Parenting Wisely 2022 web graphic


Youth and Family Support Services are available to Loudoun County families with:

  • A teen between the ages of 11-17 that struggles with following rules and being respectful.
  • Youth on Diversion or Probation with the Juvenile Court System Unit (JCSU).
  • A teen that has had one of more of the following problems in the last six months:
    • Running away 
    • Failing grades  
    • Truancy and poor school attendance/avoidance 
    • Drug and alcohol experimentation
    • Concerning behaviors, to include aggression at home, school and/or in the community


Families can also register for services in the Youth and Family Support Services Program by completing the Intake Form. We will be in touch once the registration is processed. 

For More Information 

Contact us at 703-737-8237.