Process to Receive Services

Steps to Receiving Companion Services

  • Contact the Adult Family Services Specialist Intake worker at the Department of Family Services to request services.
  • Most likely you will be put on a waiting list. The amount of time spent on the waiting list will vary.
  • If you find your need was temporary, please contact the Intake worker to have your name removed from our waiting list.
  • When your name comes to the top of the waiting list, a Family Services Specialist will contact you to determine if services are still needed.
  • If services are needed, a home visit will be made and the following will be discussed:
    • Income: you will be asked to provide proof such as a bank statement.
    • What help is needed and how many hours are necessary.
    • When the help is needed. We try to accommodate days and times as much as possible. Being flexible however, is appreciated if at all possible.
    • Medical condition, medications, family involvement, and other relevant information will be discussed.

If an Individual Is Determined to Be Eligible

  • The Family Services Specialist will refer the client information to The Medical Team, the agency the county has contracted with to provide services. The Medical Team will make every effort to locate an aide within five business days.
  • Prior to receiving services, a nurse from The Medical Team will go to your home to do a physical assessment. Most likely the nurse will be asking you questions similar to those that the Family Services Specialist asked when he/she visited your home. Please be patient.
  • The Medical Team will contact you when they have an aide available to let you know when he or she will start.
  • The aide / companion will begin providing services.
  • At times the aide may call in sick. The Medical Team will attempt to find a replacement but it is not guaranteed that a replacement will be found. It is helpful for families to arrange a back-up system if needed.
  • The Family Services Specialist from the Department of Family Services will be contacting you at least once every three months to discuss how the companion service is working for you. We encourage clients to contact their Family Services Specialist to discuss any issues with service provision.