Expungement Information

An expungement is an action used to delete all police and court records pertaining to a criminal case when any of the following has occurred: acquittal, nolle prosequi, dismissal, absolute pardon, or an individual’s name used in error. When a record is expunged, the record is not destroyed but removed from public access and sealed. Effective February 20, 2024, a petition for expungement filed with the Clerk must set forth only one charge, one indictment, or one offense per petition. NOTE: Once the record is expunged it can only be accessed by court order.

Required Documents

  • Expungement Packet (PDF)
  • An original Petition for Expungement for each charge to be expunged, plus two additional copies
  • A certified copy of the charge(s) with the disposition of the charge(s) to be expunged, plus two additional copies
  • Cover sheet for filing Civil Actions
  • Supplemental Information for Expungement Refund
  • Expungement Order for each charge to be expunged
    • The order should only be submitted to the court when it is ready to be entered.
    • You may submit a copy of the proposed order, which will be indexed and scanned. You should bring the original order to your court hearing.
    • Any required documents need to be filed before submitting the order for entry (i.e., criminal history with fingerprint card).

The copies will be used for the following:
A copy of the petition shall be served on the Commonwealth’s Attorney. The Commonwealth may file an objection or answer to the petition within twenty-one (21) days after it is served.

Filing Fee

  • The filing fee is $98 per petition being filed (includes service fee). 
  • Fees must be paid by cash, certified check, money order or personal check (no starter checks will be accepted). 
  • Checks and money orders may be made payable to "Clerk of Circuit Court." 
  • Credit cards will not be accepted for the filing fee of the petitions for an expungement.

How to File

In person: bring your completed paperwork and filing fee to the third floor of the Clerk of the Circuit Court during normal business hours. 

By mail: Send your completed paperwork, copies and filing fee to the appropriate address below. Include a self-addressed, stamped envelope so we can return a copy of the petition and receipt for you to take to the sheriff’s office to obtain your fingerprint cards.

Send via U.S. Postal Service
Loudoun Clerk of Circuit Court
Attention: Civil Division
P.O. Box 550
Leesburg, VA 20178

Send Via FedEx, UPS, etc.
Loudoun Clerk of Circuit Court
Attention: Civil Division
18 East Market Street
Leesburg, VA 20176

The case will be assigned a civil action case number. This is a number by which the court references your case and must appear on any future documents regarding your petition.

Setting a Hearing Date

  • After the criminal history check has been filed with the court, a hearing may be set.
  •  It is the responsibility of the petitioner to confirm the fingerprint card and criminal history has been received by the court. 
  • Hearing dates for expungement cases are set on the Circuit Court Civil Motions day docket.
  • An original praecipe (PDF) must be filed with the Clerk of the Circuit Court Civil Division no less than 14 days prior to the hearing date.
  • A copy of the praecipe must be mailed or hand delivered to:
    • Commonwealth Attorney’s Office
      20 E Market Street
      Leesburg, Virginia 20176

Plase Note: Court personnel are prohibited by law from giving legal advice. If you need assistance or advice, please see our Legal Aid and Links page.