Floods & Heavy Rains - Safety Tips

When a Flood Warning is Issued
  • Be alert to signs of flooding. If floodwaters are threatening your home, evacuate immediately. Move quickly to higher ground.
  • Follow recommended evacuation routes. Shortcuts or alternate routes may be blocked or damaged by floodwaters.
  • If you are driving and come upon rapidly rising waters, turn around and find another route. The water may appear calm on the surface, but could be flowing rapidly below. Furthermore, the roadway may have been washed away by the water and no longer exist. The depth of the water may not be obvious and two feet of water will carry away most automobiles.
  • Never drive across a flooded road. Most flood fatalities are caused by people attempting to drive through water.

If Heavy Rains Occur
  • Be aware that floods are deceptive. Do not wade into flooded areas. Turn around and go back to higher ground.
  • If advised to evacuate, do so immediately; move to a safe area before access is cut off by floodwater.
  • If you find floodwaters on the road while driving, turn around and find an alternate route.
  • Keep your battery-operated radio tuned to a local station, and follow all instructions. If you are told to evacuate, move out of the house or building to safe, high ground.
  • Never drive across a flooded road. The road could be washed out and rapidly rising water could lift your car and carry it away. As little as six inches of floodwater can cause you to lose control of your vehicle; two feet can sweep it away.