Emergency Operations Center


The Emergency Operations Center (EOC) provides a central location to determine situational status, coordinate actions, and make critical decisions during emergency and disaster situations. Emergency Management staff maintain the EOC during routine operations. Personnel from various departments and agencies in the county along with key organizations outside the county comprise the EOC staff during activation.

About the Facility

The facility has emergency power and is intended to provide independent operation capabilities throughout major emergencies and disasters.


The EOC facility includes the 

  • Break room
  • Communications Center
  • Functional area workspace
  • Operations Room
  • Restroom / shower facilities

Technological Support

A digital phone system provides the primary voice and fax communications link. The EOC has radio communications capabilities on an assortment of frequencies to include UHF, VHF, Low Band, and Amateur Radio. A video network provides commercial broadcast, local cable and video tape playback in the operations room and break area. The operations room LAN (local area network) provides for data collection and dissemination along with incident tracking.