History of the Planning Commission Zoning Ordinance Rewrite Process

The Board of Supervisors held its first public hearing on the Draft Zoning Ordinance on July 26, 2023.

The Board subsequently held eight work sessions during the months of September and October 2023. Video and meeting materials for the work sessions is posted online at loudoun.gov/meetings.

Following its work sessions, the Board held a public hearing on December 13, 2023. Following the public hearing, the Board adopted a new ordinance on December 13, 2023.

Prior to the Board of Supervisors' review, the Planning Commission held Public Hearings on the ZOR project on August 30, 2022, and January 24, 2023. The draft chapters were split between the two public hearings. Following the second public hearing, the Planning Commission discussed the ZOR project during 25 Work Sessions, including two Parking Subcommittee meetings and six Uses Subcommittee meetings. The Planning Commission’s works sessions are summarized in its history of work sessions, which includes links to the work session meeting documents, the Planning Commissions actions in the meeting minutes, and links to video of the meetings. 

At the June 8, 2023, work session, the Planning Commission concluded its work on the ZOR project and forwarded the Draft Zoning Ordinance to the Board of Supervisors with a recommendation of approval. Further, the Commission recommended to the Board of Supervisors that eight comprehensive plan amendments (CPAM) and/or zoning ordinance amendments (ZOAM) be addressed after adoption of the new Zoning Ordinance.

The Planning Commission's review of the draft ordinance text was preceded by an audit of the existing Zoning Ordinance in 2020, public engagement in 2020 and 2021, reviews and recommendations by the Board of Supervisors' Zoning Ordinance Committee, and public review of the first draft ordinance in 2022.