Recycling Bin Loan Program

Recycling Bins for Special Events

  • Loudoun County provides free recycling bins for loan to large and small gatherings including festivals, neighborhood parties, sporting events, family reunions, and for other events of any size.
  • The recycling bins are constructed with a collapsible metal frame (lays flat) and a specialized snap-on lid. A clear bag inserts into the frame. Bags are provided at no charge.
  • Up to 50 recycling bins are available for loan on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Up to five indoor recycling bins are available for loan also. The indoor recycling bins are plastic, approximately 3 foot by 2 foot by 8 foot and include a specialized lid.

Reserve Recycling Bins

The recycling bins may be picked up and returned by appointment in Leesburg.  Call 703-771-5500 to reserve recycling bins for your next event.

Consider the following items in order to determine how many bins are needed:

  • Number of Vendors or Attendees
  • Serving Food & Beverages
  • Placement of Receptacles (entry/exit points, near vendors, near restrooms)
  • Emptying & Transferring Material (during and at end of event)

What Do I Do with My Recyclables After the Event

Bagged recyclables may be deposited at any Loudoun County Recycling Dropoff Center location. Find out more information about the Recycling Dropoff Centers and the location nearest you.

Promote Recycling at Your Event

  • Encourage recycling by promoting it during special announcements and by advertising recycling in the event program and on a sign at the entrance.
  • Recycling bins should be clearly marked to help prevent them from being used for trash. The Loudoun County will provide recycling decals to assist your promotional efforts, please call 703-771-5500.
  • It also helps to use recycling bins that have a reduced opening in the top that will limit the size to that of a bottle or can and help keep trash out. For example, plastic trash cans with lids are an inexpensive option for recycling bins by simply cutting a small circular hole in the lid for bottles and cans.
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