Sidewalk and Trail Program


Loudoun County’s Sidewalk and Trail Program addresses missing bicycle and pedestrian links within the county based on comparing the existing bicycle and trail network and the proposed network highlighted in the 2019 Countywide Transportation Plan (CTP). The program will allow for proactive and systematic programming for the planning, design, and construction of projects to complete these “missing links”. Through the Sidewalk and Trail Program, a high priority will be placed on links to other regional bicycle and pedestrian facilities, such as the Washington and Old Dominion Trail (W&OD), and transportation services, including the Silver Line Metrorail.

Some program highlights:

  • In 2018, Loudoun County established the Sidewalk and Trails Program as part of the Capital Improvement Program (CIP).
  • Missing facility segments were prioritized based on five groupings including proximity to activity generators, proximity to transit access, roadway characteristics, safety, and the ability of a segment to improve connectivity between high-volume trip generators (network connectivity).
  • Sidewalk and Trail projects are initiated and advanced to design and implementation phases in ascending priority order within the CIP. 
  • The Sidewalk and Trail Program will also include data obtained from the Equity Analysis Study and the Rural Priority Study completed by Loudoun County.
  • Funding for beginning design of projects in the Sidewalk and Trail Program began in 2021.
  • Larger trail or shared use path (SUP) projects are completed as standalone CIP projects outside of the Sidewalk and Trail Program and can be found at

Award Winning Equity Analysis

In 2023, the Sidewalk and Trail Program received an Achievement Award for excellence and innovation from the Virginia Association of Counties (VACo). The program was recognized for developing an innovative framework and approach to increase equitable access to sidewalks and trails in the county. This framework establishes a set of objective standards that can be used in planning and prioritizing future sidewalk and trail projects. For more information, view the news release (PDF).

Sidewalk and Trail Projects

Each individual sidewalk and trail project follows a standard process for project initiation and advancement within the County’s CIP. From start to finish, the estimated timeline for the construction of a sidewalk or trail segment can vary greatly depending on existing conditions, design complexity, utility relocations, and land acquisition needs. The Sidewalk and Trail Program projects currently underway are listed in alphabetical order and are as follows:

Project DescriptionTypeCurrent PhaseFiscal Year Completion*
Ashburn Road (within Ashburn Village Boulevard and north to Gloucester Parkway) - Ashburn/Broad Run DistrictShared Use Path/SidewalkPlanning2029
Ashburn Village Boulevard (Farmwell Road to Michener Drive) - Ashburn DistrictShared Use PathDesign2026
Ashburn Village Boulevard (Tippecanoe Terrace to W&OD Trail) - Broad Run DistrictShared Use PathDesign2027
Benedict Drive (Potomac View Road to existing sidewalk east of Bartholomew Fair Drive) - Sterling DistrictSidewalkPlanning2027
Blossom Drive (Victoria Station Drive to Magnolia Road) - Sterling DistrictSidewalkDesign2026
Cascades Parkway (Church Road to Victoria Station Drive) - Sterling DistrictShared Use PathPlanning 2029
Cascades Parkway (Nokes Boulevard/Potomac View Road and Woodshire Drive) - Sterling DistrictShared Use PathPlanning2029
Church Road (Magnolia Road to West Holly Avenue) - Sterling DistrictSidewalkDesign2027
Claiborne Parkway (Broadlands Boulevard to Vestals Gap Drive) - Broad Run DistrictShared Use PathDesign2026
Claude Moore Drive (Old Ryan Road to existing sidewalk east of Mooreview Parkway) - Broad Run DistrictSidewalkDesign2025
Davis Drive (South Sterling Boulevard to West Church Road) - Sterling DistrictShared Use Path/SidewalkDesign2030
East Maple Avenue (Enterprise Street to South Sterling Boulevard) - Sterling DistrictSidewalkDesign2026
Leesburg Pike (City Center Boulevard to Loudoun Tech Drive) and Loudoun Tech Drive (Leesburg Pike to Ridgetop Circle) - Sterling DistrictShared Use PathDesign2029
Millstream Drive (Village Center Plaza/Loudoun Park & Ride to existing sidewalk west of Stone Carver Drive) - Sterling DistrictSidewalkPlanning2027
Pacific Boulevard (Waxpool Road to W&OD Trail connection) - Sterling DistrictShared Use PathDesign2029
Potomac View Road (Cascades Parkway Intersection Improvements) - Sterling DistrictRamps and CrosswalksDesign2027
Potomac View Road (Cascades Parkway to First Baptist Church driveway) - Sterling DistrictShared Use PathDesign2027
Potomac View Road (Route 7 to existing sidewalk south of Palisade Parkway) - Algonkian DistrictShared Use PathPlanning2031
Potomac View Road (West and south of River Meadows Terrace to Route 7) - Algonkian DistrictShared Use PathDesign2027
Shellhorn Road (Blossom Hill Terrace to Ashburn Village Boulevard) - Broad Run DistrictSidewalkDesign2028
Smith Switch Road (Gloucester Parkway to existing shared use path north of Chilum Place) - Broad Run DistrictShared Use PathDesign2029
Sterling Boulevard (North side - W&OD Trail to Glenn Drive; Glenn Drive to Shaw Road) - Sterling DistrictShared Use Path/SidewalkDesign2025
Sterling Boulevard (South side - Shaw Road to Davis Drive) - Sterling DistrictShared Use PathPlanning2023
VDOT Smart Scale Project: Route 7 Shared Use Path and Sidewalk Projects - UPCT27733Shared Use PathPlanningTBD
VDOT Smart Scale Project: Cascades Parkway Bike and Ped - Nokes to Victoria Station - UPC123835Shared Use PathPlanningTBD
Waxpool Road (Claiborne Parkway to Faulkner Parkway) - Ashburn/Broad Run DistrictShared Use Path/SidewalkDesignTBD

* Estimated fiscal year (FY) date of completion. Loudoun County's FY runs July through June. For example, July 2023 is the start of FY 2024.

Project Resources

The following resources provide more information about Loudoun County Capital Projects: