Belmont Ridge Road Corridor Safety and Operational Study


  • The purpose of this study is to complete a multimodal operational and safety analysis on approximately 2.6 miles of Belmont Ridge Road (Route 659) from Northstar Boulevard (Route 3171) to Evergreen Mills Road.
  • Existing conditions will be reviewed along Belmont Ridge Road (Route 659) in order to improve travel conditions and address existing safety problems, with an additional emphasis on pedestrian and bicycle accommodations along the corridor.  
  • In order to identify additional opportunities to promote bicycle and pedestrian use and enhance community multimodal connectivity, the study will also analyze future operational conditions, considering projected decreases in traffic volumes along the corridor after the surrounding Brambleton and Arcola roadway network is built out.
  • Belmont Ridge Road, located in the Blue Ridge and Dulles Election Districts, is a four-lane minor collector that provides north-south access and connectivity within the Brambleton Community. 
Belmont Ridge Road Corridor