Route 7 Corridor Study between Route 28 and the Fairfax County Line

Route 7 Corridor Study – Route 28 to Fairfax County Line

Welcome to Loudoun County’s Department of Transportation and Capital Infrastructure’s (DTCI) public input meeting site. 


This draft corridor study examined existing and projected future conditions along Route 7 in Loudoun County, Virginia, between the Route 28 interchange and Dranesville Road (Route 228) at the Fairfax County line, approximately 4.25 miles. 

A corridor study is a planning project that defines the relationships between a roadway and its adjacent land. Corridor studies are used to:

  • Define acceptable levels of access and mobility,
  • Determine transportation system needs to support surrounding land uses,
  • Consolidate and control access points,
  • Identify operational deficiencies and promote operational efficiency, and
  • Promote redevelopment of an underperforming corridor.
Rte 7 Concept Study - Image 2

Corridor studies evaluate conditions for a projected design horizon, usually approximately 20 years into the future. For this study, the Design Year of 2040 was selected as this study was initiated in 2020. The public meeting will examine the safety and traffic operations for Existing Year 2020, plus travel forecasting and traffic operations for the Design Year 2040 No-Build and Build alternatives. The study team is seeking the public’s input on the interim safety improvements and the alternatives and areas needing attention along this corridor.

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