Lost & Found Pets

Did you know that one out of every three pets will go missing in their lifetime? It can happen quicker than you think and is almost always unexpected. Take steps now to help your pet if they ever become separated from you

My Pet is Lost

Please call 703-777-0406 to create a lost report for your pet. This report is used to cross reference any pets brought to the LCAS animal shelter or reported as found in the community. You can also check these pages to view found pets: 

Is your lost pet at Loudoun County Animal Services? Learn how to reclaim your pet!

I Found a Pet

Please call 703-777-0406 to file a report with Loudoun County Animal Services. Additionally, please email a photo of the pet to help owners identify their pet on our search pages listed above. Most pets remain close to home. To help the found pet get home quickly, please: 

  • File a report with LCAS
  • Talk to your neighbors
  • Post signs within a radius of two miles
  • Take the pet to a veterinarian's office or the LCAS animal shelter for have the pet scanned for a microchip