Owning Land Under Conservation Easement

What Land Use is Allowable

Each deed of easement is specific to an individual area of land and they have differing requirements.  When an agreement is signed, both the easement holder(s) and the property owner agree to specific terms that assure the property remains protected.  

The Permanent Conservation Easements of Loudoun County Interactive Map can be used to find the holder(s) of an easement in the county.  Click a property to see the holder(s) information.

Board of Supervisors Held Easements

The Conservation Easement Stewardship Program assists: 

  • Owners of properties with conservation easements for which the Board of Supervisors is a holder or co-holder to ensure that the terms of the easements continue to be met  
  • The Department of Building & Development in reviewing permit requests for properties with Board of Supervisors-held easements. 

If you have questions about your Board of Supervisors-held easement, contact us by email or call 703-771-5778.

Easements Held by Other Organizations

Contact the organization that holds the easement directly if you have questions about what is allowable.  Attorneys can also assist in interpreting deeds of easement.

Donating an Easement

There are many land conservation organizations in Virginia to assist landowners interested in putting an easement on their property.

The Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation maintains a list of the organizations and land trusts that serve each region of the state.