K-9 Unit

About the Unit

The Loudoun County Sheriff's Office has K-9 teams that are assigned to the Field Operations Division, the Criminal Investigations Division, and the Adult Detention Center. These K-9s are trained in specific areas and assigned to various divisions within the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office.


The Field Operations Division K-9 teams are trained for criminal apprehension and narcotics detection. Their primary responsibilities are to respond to crimes in progress or ones that have just occurred. As part of the division, the Special Operations Section has a Narcotics Detection K-9's assigned to the Tactical Enforcement Unit. The K-9 is used to assist Narcotics Detectives during investigations and search warrants.

They respond to building and area searches, tracking, barricades, and warrant services. The K-9 teams assist with missing and lost persons and conduct public demonstrations, school searches, and narcotics detection. 

The Operational Support Division Sheriff's Office Explosive Detection K-9s are trained to detect materials used for manufacturing explosives.

The Adult Detention Center (ADC) also has a Narcotics Detection K-9. This K-9 conducts proactive narcotics sweeps through the ADC, its parking lot areas, as well as the Loudoun County Courts Complex.