Enhancing Response Program

Seven Critical Needs of Victims

  • Access: Citizens should be provided information in their primary language whenever possible. Special needs and circumstances ought to be attended to for differently-abled victims, diminished competency, or mental illness.
  • Community: There is a greater collaboration between victim service providers and the Sheriff's Office to ensure consistent information and support.
  • Information: Citizen needs to be provided information about their rights and resources. If the case moves forward it is necessary to keep the victim informed about the status of the case.
  • Justice: There is a greater press for improvement of follow-ups, investigations, and holding the offenders accountable. To help achieve justice from the criminal justice system.
  • Safety: People who become victims of crime are more generally at higher risk to be re-victimized.
  • Support: Citizens need to receive current and accurate information about victim services professionals and aiding agencies.
  • Voice: More emphasize is directed to empowering the victims, such as inviting advocates and victims to policy-making in reference to their interests to ensure protocols and policies are geared to meeting victim's needs.