Business Watch

About the Program

The Loudoun County Sheriff's Office Business Watch Program was started in 2008 and modeled after the very successful Neighborhood Watch program.

The Business Watch Program is intended to curb crime and unlawful activity that may be taking place in commercial-business areas. The program takes a community approach to addressing crime in and around businesses.

In a sense, a shopping center, mall, and any group of businesses regardless of size are a "community." This community can control / deter the crime that takes place within and around its location.

Community Involvement

By taking a community approach to crime prevention and partnering with businesses and business owners, the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office hopes to create a community where it is not only safe to live but also to work. This methodology has proven itself through the Neighborhood Watch concept which has proven to be effective over the past 30 plus years.

The program develops a partnership between the Sheriff’s Office, business employees, managers, and business owners to ultimately prevent and deter crime in program areas.

Enrollment in the Program

Anyone who would like to enroll in the Business Watch Program may sign up through the Alert Loudoun system, which is free and allows those who sign up to receive the latest news about the county. The information can be sent to your email as well as cell phones or pagers that receive text messaging. The service is available to anyone with an email account.

Business Crime Handbook

The Business Crime Handbook (the “Handbook”) is an innovative outreach initiative that will provide an opportunity to engage with the Loudoun County business community. The Handbook has the potential to reduce crime while increasing successful prosecutions. The purpose of this Handbook is not to supersede existing business policies, but rather to supplement or provide guidance if the small business does not have a procedure in place. Find you more about the Business Crime Handbook (PDF)

More Information

If you are a business owner in Loudoun County and want to join the Business Watch program, please email the Crime Prevention Unit.