About the Department

The Department of Finance and Procurement provides the timely and accurate processing and reporting of financial transactions and is responsible for the acquisition of all goods and services.

Division of Accounting, Finance & Operations

The Division of Accounting, Finance & Operations ensures that the county’s financial management and accounting systems are maintained appropriately and that county agencies and the public receive information in a timely and effective manner. The division manages internal auditing and compliance, financial accounting, financial and budgetary reporting, internal control, payroll and accounts payable

The Division of Accounting, Finance & Operations manages a centralized system for the processing, recording, maintaining, and reporting financial transactions, including preparation of the county’s Annual Comprehensive Financial Reports and the Popular Annual Financial Report for payment of personal services resulting from employment; for the maintenance of payroll transactions and financial records related to county obligations.

Program Evaluation and Research  

Provides primary support to the County Administrator in development, analysis, and execution of research projects.  

Division of Procurement 

The Division of Procurement is responsible for the acquisition of all goods and services, including professional services and construction, for Loudoun County Government operations. The Division is dedicated to securing high quality goods and services at a reasonable cost while ensuring that all procurement actions be conducted in a fair and impartial manner while avoiding even the appearance of impropriety.  The Division is also responsible for providing access to County business to all qualified firms and conducting  procurement transactions in a way that promotes openness and administrative efficiency, as well as achieving the maximum feasible degree of competition.