Dog Licenses

Why License My Dog?

  • Failure to purchase a dog license is a Class IV Misdemeanor which can carry up to a $250 fine. Veterinarians are also required by Virginia State code section 3.2-6529 to provide the Treasurer's Office in each locality with a copy of all canine rabies vaccination certificates.
  • A license tells everyone that your pet is not a homeless stray, and can identify you as the owner should your pet be found running loose.
  • Animal Control Officers will attempt to deliver your licensed dog home to you immediately, skipping a trip to the animal shelter.
  • Dog licenses are required for entrance to many dog parks.
  • License fees support Animal Services programs including: care and housing for approximately 3,000 stray and abandoned animals a year, investigations of animal neglect and cruelty, emergency rescue and response services for animals, adopting homeless pets to new families, and community education and outreach.

License Requirements

  • The Commonwealth of Virginia mandates Loudoun County to require all dogs four months of age and older to be licensed. 
  • In Loudoun County, dog licenses are issued concurrently with the rabies vaccination effective period for each individual dog. 
  • The county issues permanent tags to remain with the dog for its lifetime (replacement tags are available if needed). 
  • All dogs must have a license tag securely attached to a collar and worn whenever the dog is off of the owner’s property.
  • Citizens have the option to purchase dog licenses for one, two or three year periods provided that the rabies certificate is valid for the period of time being covered. 
  • The cost is $10 per dog, per year, regardless of spay / neuter status.


All veterinarians practicing in Loudoun County are required to submit monthly rabies reports for their clients to Loudoun County Animal Services within 45 days.