A to Z Local Recycling Resources

Want to know how to recycle something in Loudoun County? Follow the waste type below for recycling options.
If your item is not included on this list, please call us at 703-771-5500 for recycling options.  If you would like to see an item added to the list, please email a request to Waste Management.

Aluminum Beverage Cans

  • Aluminum beverage cans are accepted free-of-charge at the Loudoun County recycling centers.
  • Also, firms that purchase scrap metal (including aluminum beverage cans) may be located in the yellow pages under "scrap metal."



Bags, Plastic Grocery

  • Plastic grocery bags are accepted at most grocery stores.
  • In addition to grocery bags, Washington Post newspaper delivery bags are also accepted at Giant, Safeway, and Shoppers Food Warehouse.
  • For more information on plastic bag, film, and wrap recycling visit our Plastic Bag Recycling webpage.



  • The Washington Area Bicycle Association sponsors Bikes for the World, which collects repairable bicycles in the United States, donating them to charities overseas for productive use by those in need of affordable transport.


  • Hardcover and paperback books are accepted for recycling at each of the Loudoun County Recycling Dropoff Centers.
  • Books are accepted by many used book dealers. Refer to yellow pages under "book dealers - used and rare."
  • The Loudoun Library Foundation accepts used books. Call them at 703-779-2252 for more information.
  • You may also visit the Adopt-a-Library website, dedicated to encouraging and helping people recycle books.
  • Pro Quo Books buys large quantities of used books, such as those remaining after library book sales; call 410-633-0410 for more information.

Bottles & Cans

CDs & DVDs

Cell Phones

Christmas Trees


  • Planet Aid containers are available at multiple locations for drop-off of clean clothes and usable shoes. Place items in a plastic bag, tie bag shut, and place inside the yellow drop box. Thrift shops, churches, and other charitable organizations may also accept lightly worn items.

Clothing Hangers, Wire

  • Many dry cleaners will accept used wire coat hangers from customers. Consult the yellow pages under "cleaners."

Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs)

  • CFLs are the energy efficient light bulbs that screw into light sockets in table lamps and overhead lights.
  • Take CFLs to any Home Depot Store customer service desk for recycling. 
  • Do not dispose with regular garbage because fluorescent lights contain mercury. The Department of General Services, Waste Management Division, has instructions online on how to clean up a broken CFL.
  • CFLs may also be taken to the county's Household Hazardous Waste Collection Events (if they are from a household).


Computers & Other Electronics

Fluorescent Light Bulbs or Tubes


  • Furniture is accepted by churches and other charitable organizations.
  • Refer to yellow pages under "churches" and "thrift shops."
  • Also, visit our Waste Donation Opportunities page for local donation options.

Junk Mail


Metal, Scrap

  • Consult the local yellow pages for Scrap Metals.
  • Also, the Loudoun County Solid Waste Management Facility accepts scrap metal, appliances, etc for recycling. See Solid Waste Management Facility for hours, services, and more information.

Motor Oil

Paper, Office

Phone Books

Smoke Detectors


  • Styrofoam block is accepted through mail-back programs offered by the Alliance of Foam Packaging Recyclers.
  • Styrofoam shipping peanuts are accepted at packing and shipping stores.
  • Refer to yellow pages under "shipping masters."
  • Styrofoam is not accepted at any of the county Recycling Drop-off Centers.


  • Tires are accepted for a fee at the Loudoun County Solid Waste Management Facility.
  • Tires with rims are accepted, but an additional fee will be charged for the rim. Hours are Monday through Saturday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • You may also dispose of old tires at the place where new tires are purchased (normally for a fee - call first).

Toner Cartridge

  • Toner cartridges accepted at Staples and at U.S. Post Office locations. To set up a free toner cartridge collection program from your business, contact Enterprise PC Services in Herndon, Virginia, at 703-472-1232.
  • Many mail-back programs accept ink and toner cartridges. Examples include Quill Ink Cartridge Recycling and Cartridges for Kids.