County issues concerning schools, road improvements, and prohibition became secondary concerns for Loudoun citizens and local government with America's entry into the war. On the home front, Loudoun adults and school children organized war related fund raising drives. Thousands of dollars in Liberty Bonds were purchased by county residents. However, it was Loudoun's agricultural economy, and man power that contributed the most to the war effort during World War I and World War II. Agricultural prices, mechanization, and crop production increased during both World Wars, despite the manpower shortages brought on by the draft. Manpower shortages were supplemented with female labor throughout the country and Loudoun County.

Female workers at the Leesburg Orchard Company, 1917

Popular War Time Groups and Fund Raisers

  • Boy Scout troops planted potatoes
  • Patriotic Sunday sermons
  • Liberty Loans
    (War bonds to pay for the war effort)
  • War Savings Committee, U.S. Savings and Thrift Stamps
    (Program was poplar with school age children to raise money for the war)
  • United War Work Committee
  • $17,764.74 was raised by Loudoun citizens for the Committee for United War Work (Governor Westmoreland Davis, donated $1,000 to the Loudoun campaign)
  • $1,236.06 was raised by pupils in the county schools by the "Victor Girls" and Victor Boys"
  • $132,350 Liberty Bonds purchased by Loudoun citizens

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