What Can I Do About Hoarding?

Report Suspected Hoarding

How you report suspected hoarding will depend on where you live and what you observe at the home. The results of hoarding may violate state and local laws and ordinances that were created to ensure the safety of the public. If the county receives a report of suspected hoarding, staff will investigate to determine whether the property is violating these laws and ordinances.

What are you observing?

Please note: reporting procedures may depend on where the home is located.
Towns: Some towns within Loudoun County may have town ordinances that apply to zoning and the exterior appearance of a home. If you live within a town, please contact the town first with these concerns. 

Homeowner’s Associations: HOAs often have rules or covenants regarding neatness on a property. If you belong to an HOA, check with it first to see if your HOA rules provide an avenue for addressing the issue.

Contact a Mental Health Professional

Your friend or loved one may need assistance from a mental health professional to address hoarding issues. Contact the Department of Mental Health, Substance Abuse, and Developmental Services for more information.

Laws & Ordinances
The county’s ability to intervene in hoarding situations is governed by these local laws and ordinances: