Water & Wastewater Needs Assessment Work Plan


After the recognition of the need for a detailed, systematic approach to solve existing and potential future water and wastewater problems in the county, the Board of Supervisors directed staff to complete a plan to address these issues.

In 2011, the Water and Wastewater Needs Assessment (PDF) was completed, which included recommendations in the areas of planning, policy, and implementation. The purpose of the assessment was to provide an overview of existing water and wastewater issues in the county and to identify communities with potential water and wastewater needs.

On December 5, 2012, the Board of Supervisors approved the development of a Water and Wastewater Needs Assessment Implementation Work Plan (PDF). The work plan built on the 2011 assessment by systematically developing relationships, policies, and procedures that were necessary to address identified water and wastewater issues.

Work completed on each task has been documented in task reports. A description of each task is on the Work Plan Task Reports (PDF).

The final work plan was approved on June 3, 2015.

Products of the Plan

The Water and Wastewater Needs Assessment Community Prioritization Manual (PDF) and Recommended Water and Wastewater Projects Funding Policy (PDF) were products of the work plan. These documents helped to establish a method for gathering requests from communities in need of assistance from the county, and established procedures that the county would follow in providing support to communities that have been prioritized.


The Loudoun County Water and Wastewater Program will accept applications (PDF) for county assistance with community water and wastewater projects from January 1 to March 31 annually. Additional information can be found at on the Community Projects page or by contacting Scott Fincham, Loudoun County Environmental Program Specialist, at 703-771-5520 or email Scott Fincham.