Family Self-Sufficiency / Welfare to Work


You must be a current program participant in order to enroll.

Program Background

Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) is a voluntary program that provides Housing Choice Voucher participants the opportunity to achieve economic independence over a five-year period. This is achieved through the close assistance of a case manager who supports, mentors, and links up FSS families to public and private resources in the community. The FSS Program gives families who have been struggling the opportunity to become economically independent. FSS is an innovative program designed to improve the quality of life for families caught in the cycle of poverty.

Families that participate in the FSS Program gain skills that last a lifetime. This is a program that addresses the long-term needs of individuals living in poverty. The FSS Program collaborates with local agencies and service providers to offer:

  • Child Care
  • Counseling
  • Education
  • Employment Training
  • Financial Guidance
  • Life Skills Classes
  • Opportunity to save for home ownership through an escrow account
  • Transportation

Each participating family must sign a Contract of Participation that spells out their responsibilities and specific services to be provided through the program. The contract is for five years. An Action Plan is then developed that documents the responsibilities the family must fulfill and sets specific, individual goals that the family works toward to become self-sufficient. The designated head of the household must participate in appropriate job training, attend school, and/or be employed during the term of the contract.

Next Steps

Within five years, in order to receive the monies held in an escrow savings account, the family must successfully complete their contract and be free of cash welfare assistance for a minimum of 12 months. Contact Catrice Cox, Family Self-Sufficiency Counselor by email or call 703-771-5919, if you are a current subsidy recipient and you are interested in applying to the Family Self-Sufficiency Program.