Military Indexes

Revolutionary War Papers 1776 to 1840s

Court Order books and miscellaneous papers (PDF) include county relief to soldier's families, a list of county militia officers (1778 to 1783) and requests for pensions from the War Department.

For the official war and pension records of soldiers, contact the National Archives.

Civil War Papers 1861 to 1930s

Civil War papers (PDF) include names from the Roster of Confederate Soldiers from Loudoun County, pension papers, and Civil War related court orders.

Muster Roll in the War with Germany

Each county in Virginia was mandated to create a muster roll (PDF) of the residents who served in the Armed Forces during the First World War.

Miscellaneous Militia Records

Militia Books include lists of officers, commissions, qualifications, fines, and minutes from officer meetings by regiment.

Militia Papers 1781 to 1866 include officer commissions, qualifications, and lists of persons in each district liable to be enrolled in the militia.

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