Project-Based Vouchers

County Periodically Seeks Proposals from Rental Property Owners For Project-Based Vouchers

During specified time periods, the Loudoun County Department of Family Services (DFS) accepts proposals from the owners of rental property to contract with the county for Project-Based Vouchers (PBV). DFS will award a contract to rental property owners for assistance tied to specific housing units. PBV assistance may be attached to newly constructed or existing rental housing. PBV may be awarded to the owners of affordable rental housing who provide fully accessible housing for persons with disabilities.

Successful Proposals

Successful proposals that provide housing units that meet special housing needs in the following priority order will be considered: fully accessible and compliant with Section 504 of the Code of the Federal Register housing units and/or studio units, and/or one-bedroom units. Proposals will be evaluated based on owner experience and capability to manage or build rental housing as identified in the proposal. Proposals should address the following:

  1. Extent to which the project de-concentrates poverty and expands housing and economic opportunities
  2. Fulfills a critical housing need
  3. Has a site location proximate to transportation, education, and employment centers
  4. Notes that if applicable, the extent to which services for special populations is provided onsite or in the immediate area for occupants of the property
  5. Location in a census tract undergoing significant revitalization as a result of federal, state, or local dollars invested in the area
  6. Location in a census tract where there are meaningful opportunities for educational and economic advancement