PRCS Teen Volunteer Program

  • Complete your community service hours in a fun and dynamic setting!
  • PRCS opportunities vary: volunteer at a children's program, a park, or a community center.
  •  At the current time, all of our volunteer opportunities are for high school-aged teens.

How to participate

  • Complete these four steps. 
  • Once all four steps are complete, you will be matched with a site that fits your interests and begin to log your volunteer hours.

1. Teens should complete and submit the PRCS Volunteer Application online.

2. Teens should contact three references (other than family members) and ask them to complete the online reference form using this link. (Send this link to your references - do not complete this page yourself).

3. Read the PRCS Teen Volunteer Handbook (PDF)

4. Email Youth Services to reserve your spot at the next monthly Volunteer Orientation!

Our Teen Volunteer Orientation Workshops are held each month (except May and July) at the PRCS administrative office in Ashburn:
20145 Ashbrook Place, Suite 170
Ashburn VA 20147

If LCPS closes due to inclement weather, the orientation will be canceled and may be rescheduled. Please email Youth Services to see if the orientation will be rescheduled. 

For Parents of Teens

  • Many thanks to all the parents who have spread the word about our Teen Volunteer Program to their children!
  • If you have a teen who is interested in volunteering, please have your teen handle all professional communication. 
  • It is very important that your teen is the one completing the application, contacting references, and handling all professional communication. 
  • Part of the Teen Volunteer Program is helping teens learn professional communicatio.
  •  If you wish to stay in the loop, we recommend that you have your teen CC you on all emails and we will reply-all.
  • We kindly request that parents have their children handle all professional communication, including inquiries about the Teen Volunteer Program.